For Facilities

Through collaborative partnerships, IMMPACT utilizes its diverse experience and knowledge in clinical, operational and administrative strategies, to meet the mission and values of each facility. At IMMPACT we share your vision for providing quality care while increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

Our Post-Acute Care services provide timely health care to nursing facility patients by staffing Advanced Practice Nurses on-site. This model is designed to improve the quality of care while also reducing unnecessary hospitalizations for nursing care residents. By being readily available, the APN can quickly tend to medical issues as they arise. Our qualified and dedicated APNs strive to promote patient and facility outcomes while staying true to the mission and values of each facility.

  • Decreased hospital re-admission rates
  • Enhance nursing performance
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Reduced cost to facility
  • Promote patient satisfaction
  • Improved pt outcomes and enhanced quality of life
  • Maintain the mission and values of the facility