For Facility Physicians

As a recent addition to the facilities healthcare management team, the IMMPACT team looks forward to using a collaborative approach to enhance facility and patient outcomes. Because we believe in quality care that is patient centered and encompasses an interdisciplinary approach, in-house physicians can rest assure that IMMPACT will strive to:

  • Stay in line with the mission and values of the facility
  • Preserve processes with proven success
  • Maintain established provider-patient relationships
  • Promote collaboration between disciplines


Other benefits to providers include:

  • Professional collaboration resulting in improved patient and facility outcomes
  • Comfort in knowing that patients are well taken care of
  • Reduced workload without interference of ability to bill
  • Less time spent on non-billable phone calls
  • Reduced calls to physicians for minor issues
  • Increased patient satisfaction

It is our belief that when we work as a team, with a shared vision to promote excellence in healthcare, it is then that we truly make an IMMPACT in the lives of our patients.