For Facility Nursing Staff

Nursing is the largest sector of all healthcare professions and has the greatest impact on patient outcomes. The nursing role is very complex and includes many responsibilities such as: medication administration and management, performing physical assessments, facilitating patient admissions, transfers & discharges, prioritizing, critically thinking, delegating, mentoring subordinates, and utilizing interdisciplinary collaboration. This dynamic role requires significant interpersonal and professional skills which many nurses feel they were not appropriately trained for.

At IMMPACT we believe nurses/LPNs/CNAs should have the tools, training, guidance and support to effectively perform their job. For this reason, IMMPACT has developed educational and mentorship programs to support the professional development of the nursing staff. This investment within the nursing staff helps to enhance the quality of care for patients, improve self-efficacy, reduce turn-over, improve job satisfaction and instill a personal pride in the employees work.